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Audit and Identity Intelligence
Do you realize the full value of your business' identity and access information?

You need to:

  • Retain and structure identity and access metadata
  • Evaluate access policies to generate compliance and risk reports
  • Interface identity and access metadata with business intelligence systems

A lot of value lies in identity and access information. Who has access to critical resources? Who authorized that access, and when? Are users' access rights compliant with segregation of duty policies? What is the status of access risk remediation processes? In many companies, the information needed to answer these questions is widely dispersed and unstructured.

IDEAS brings together user entitlements, authorization history and access policy definitions to provide valuable business intelligence. Analysis and reporting tools help managers identify access risks and optimize business processes.

Dashboards and reports

IDEAS provides a broad range of standard dashboard and reports. These tools are easy to use, and provide insight into trends that may require further analysis. For more advanced reporting requirements, IDEAS offers custom reporting tools with flexible query and data visualization facilities.

IDEAS Datamart

For enterprise class requirements, IDEAS provides a datamart to interface with enterprise business intelligence packages. IDEAS' datamart brings together all relevant identity, risk and historical information in a well-defined data model that facilities queries. The IDEAS datamart enables companies BI and risk management teams to integrate IDEAS identity and access information with their own BI tools and processes.


  • Leverage identity and access information to reduce risk and optimize business processes
  • Increase business oversight
  • Integrate identity management with existing business intelligence programs

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