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Access Request Management
Do you automatically enforce access policies in all your authorization processes?

You need to:

  • Deploy comprehensive user authorization workflow
  • Enforce access policies in real-time everywhere user authorizations change
  • Synchronize user permissions with enterprise applications

Access Request Workflow

IDEAS' web-based access request workflow defines the authorization process and maintains an auditable record. At each workflow step, IDEAS checks and enforces access policies, such as segregation of duties, and automatically assigns identity risk remediation measures where required.

Application Connectors

IDEAS synchronizes user permissions in real-time with enterprise applications. Bi-directional connectors continuously monitor applications, and non-compliant user permissions set directly on an application automatically trigger a correction or escalation.


  • Guarantee that all authorizations follow a well-defined process
  • Retain an auditable record of user authorizations
  • Enforce access policies in real-time at every step of the authorization process.
  • Automatically trigger external compliance and governance processes, such as review and risk assessment.

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