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Access Governance Core
IDEAS is based on a core that responds continuously to authorization events in the enterprise and enforces access governance policies. IDEAS continously updates its repository of identity and entitlement data, and synchronizes connected applications.

IDEAS Architecture

Unified Information Model

IDEAS is based on an information and process model that unifies all aspects of authorization processes and access policies. With this unified information model, IDEAS provides a rich and consistent platform for advanced access management and compliance processes.

Single Repository

IDEAS manages all authorization information in a single repository and synchronizes user entitlements to connected applications. The central repository guarantees that information stays consistent and facilitates auditing.

Event Driven

Once configured, IDEAS is driven by events from authorization workflow, human resources and applications. IDEAS responds to each event by checking access policies and updating the information in the repository.

Access Governance Core

Access Governance Core is IDEAS' graphical tool for administering entitlements, roles, organization units, rules and access policies. By defining and configuring these elements, IDEAS implements even complex authorization and compliance use-cases without programming.


  • Consistent data and process model
  • Single repository stays synchronized and facilitates auditing
  • Event driven operation automatically enforces access policies

With its highly flexible access policy model, IDEAS allows enterprise applications to completely delegate access control. Enterprise Entitlement Server provides entitlement resolution as as SOA service to applications. This architecture promotes a clean segregation of application management and access policy management processes. Cloud-based applications particularly benefit from this architecture.

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