CrossIdeas & STEALTHbits
extend user access
lifecycle management
to unstructured data

CrossIdeas adds
Access Governance
capabilities to IBM ISIM

Leadership Compass
Identity Provisioning
by KuppingerCole

Gartner MQ 2013
Identity and Governance Administration

CrossIdeas enables
Identity Governance
for the Insurance Market

ILANTUS Technologies and CrossIdeas
Bring True Cloud Access Governance
to North America

Product Report
CrossIdeas IDEAS

IBM announces the acquisition of CrossIdeas

Delivering the next generation Identity and Access Governance

CrossIdeas offers Identity and Access Governance solutions enabling clients to address risk and compliance requirements with a business-driven approach across enterprise and cloud deployments. CrossIdeas's cutting-edge technology bridges the gap between compliance, business and IT infrastructure to help reduce the risk of fraud, conflicts of duties and human error in business processes.

CrossIdeas's existing integration with IBM's leading Security Identity Management portfolio already allows IBM customers to deploy integrated access governance and user life-cycle management within a single platform.

CrossIdeas advances IBM's security strategy to offer actionable Identity Intelligence and Analytics.

Press Release

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